ElectroMania - ElectroMagnetix Adventure Week

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ElectroMania - ElectroMagnetix Adventure Week

Hey there Curious Explorers!

Are you ready for an electrifying adventure? Join our ElectroMania - ElectroMagnetix Adventure workshop and discover the wonders of electromagnetism!

Here's what you can expect in our exciting sessions:

Session 1 - Powering Up with Faraday: Discover the magic of electromagnetic induction and learn how it powers our world.

Session 2 - The Magnetic Connection: Understand the relationship between electricity and magnetism and how they work together.

Session 3 - The Magnetic Maze: Navigate the intricacies of magnetic field lines and explore their properties.

Session 4 - Electric Eddies: Take a thrilling ride into the world of eddy currents and discover their amazing applications.

Session 5 - ElectroMagnetix Lab: Conduct mind-blowing experiments with electromagnetic phenomena and see them in action.

Don't miss out on this electrifying adventure! Sign up now for our ElectroMania workshop and become an expert in electromagnetism!

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Vidya Yantra strives to inspire children's curiosity and love of learning through physics education. Our approach is rooted in curiosity-led learning to encourage exploration and inquiry.