The Spark Squad - Investigating the Science of Charges

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The Spark Squad - Investigating the Science of Charges

Hey there Curious Explorers!

Get ready to become electrified with our Spark Squad workshop! Explore the world of electricity with our exciting sessions:

Session 1 - Charge Up Your Knowledge: Learn all about positive and negative charges and the fundamentals of electricity.

Session 2 - Get Electric: Join us for a hands-on adventure with charging by friction and experiment with static electricity.

Session 3 - Charging Ahead: Explore alternative ways to charge objects and learn about the different types of electric charges.

Session 4 - Electrifying Wonders: Discover real-life examples of charge in action and learn how it affects the world around us.

Session 5 - The Spark Squad Lab: Conduct exciting experiments with electricity right from the comfort of your own home.

Don't miss this opportunity to become an electricity superhero! Sign up now for our Spark Squad workshop.

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Vidya Yantra strives to inspire children's curiosity and love of learning through physics education. Our approach is rooted in curiosity-led learning to encourage exploration and inquiry.